The Best Camera App + Book + Community

The Best Camera project was a mobile app, book, and online community born from the recognition that mobile photography was changing the face of the industry.

I’ve always been a firm believer that the gear is less important than people think. When you realize what a photograph really is, all the technological stuff starts to fade away. Photographs are not about megapixels or dynamic range, but stories and moments. Taking snapshots to inform my commercial work, I quickly realized, the best camera is the one that’s with you.

Released in 2009, The Best Camera app became the first photo app that allowed you to filter, crop, and share photos to social networks. It beat Instagram to the market by a year, beat Instagram to 1,000,000 downloads, was featured heavily by Apple across all their marketing channels, was one Apple executive’s favorite apps, selected as one of  Wired’s apps of the year, received ongoing coverage in the New York Times and USA Today, was a Macworld’s Best App of 2009, was praised by futurist/technologist Robert Scoble as the “best way to take photos on an iPhone”, and was later described by Gigaom as an app that “redefined the photo app concept in 2009, and still best represents the new photography workflow.; and was credited by the largest english language newspaper in the world as “the app that kicked off the global photo sharing craze.”

The Best Camera is no more. Read what happened on my blog – My Biggest Failure: The Long Overdue Story I was Too Ashamed to Tell

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